How to search the Federal Science Library

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From the Federal Science Library page enter your search terms in the search box and click the search button.

The results will include materials from government digital repositories, library materials available in print, open access items, and more.

For simple search tricks and assistance, click on the search tips.

The search box uses a search and discovery tool Summon™ to access the majority of the library's collections.

Access the Advanced search form from your search results by clicking on "Advanced search".

Choose a search field from the drop-down menu to the left of the search box (author, publication title, language and date, etc.), then add your search term(s).

For multiple search terms, use the Boolean operators in the drop-down box to your left (AND, OR, NOT), and repeat the steps as needed. The operators must be written in ALL CAPS. If you have many terms, click on "Add a row".

View your search results

Once you have identified an item of interest, click on the title or "Full Text Online" to view it or to locate the content. Click on "Preview" to expand the notice to see the abstract and full description.

If full text is not available online, click on "Citation Online" to request the item.

Refine your results

You can refine the search results with different search filters and facets (such as content type, discipline, publication date, and more options) from the menu on the left.

For example, if you want to view "Full Text Online" or "Peer Reviewed articles", or see "Library Catalogue" materials only, click on that facet to limit and refine your search.

You can also exclude items by clicking on the "X".

Add results beyond the library's collection

You can expand your search to include results beyond the library collection (e.g. Google search results, items from thousands of publishers, and 100,000+ journal and periodical titles) by checking the box "Add results beyond the library's collection" at the top of the search results page.

Save citations

After searching, viewing and refining your search results, you can save your items in a temporary folder.

To do this, click the small folder icon with the + sign to the right of the citation.

The folder at the top of your page will indicate an item has been saved.

You can repeat the above process to create a complete listing of citations. You can save up to 50 citations in the temporary folder.

Note: This is a temporary folder; your saved items will be cleared when you leave or after an extended period of inactivity. You can export, email, or print your saved items at any time.

Once your selected citations have been added to the temporary folder, click on the folder to see your saved items.

You can "Print" or "Email" your saved citations.

Request an item when full text is not available

If an item is unavailable in full text, click on either the title or "Citation Online" to get the full citation.

Save the citation and submit a request through your local library.

More details about ordering documents may be found at How to access Federal Science Library materials.

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